Thursday, February 24, 2011

Welcome Back We've Missed You

There's not a word greater, than the word HELLO
Then again maybe there is, GOODBYE
In their own contexts
Laying bare without CON-text
I offer you both...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Whitford Crew and G.F.T.D. 1

Stephen Mayu2

Stephen Mayu Jr.


I got baptized and saved today
When it was over I stood and said okay
Walked through fire for far too many days
Feet are like ash, no OIL OF OLAY
Minds been blown
Yeah I’m far from home
Close my eyes and wake in different zones
Thoughts are prehistoric, no change for phone
My spirit it roams, in circles alone
It’s been forever since my body was home
Emotions are gone
My spirit it roams, in circles alone
When the lights are on, that’s when I feel most alone
So I stay quiet and think on my own
Damn, I wish I were home
So I could lay in my room and dream on my own
I can’t call because my heart won’t pick up the phone
It beats on its own
Sometimes my mind tells me that my heart feels so alone
Then I tell my mind to vacate the room
Too much time to consume
The dislike, disdain
The real life, real pain
The lost friends who no longer call my name
The found friends who are in it for gain
You see at times it’s impossible to just maintain
So a kid like me is constantly searching his brain
No longer searching for fame
The chance came and left on the same train
Now I’m trying to contain
All the hurt through the years, that is falling like rain
My umbrella doesn’t matter; these drops keep falling faster and faster
At times I think I’m having an internal natural disaster
So then all I can do to find reprieve
Is fall on my knees and ask God to save me please…

Then I do
Then HE does
Then time starts over just because

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Two cents

One intent
To Steal

Slowly driving

Two hands
On Wheel

Brakes squeal

Across the world
It feels...

It feels as if everything is in its rightful place
And then...

Earth shakes
We feel

Street signs down
No stop

Poverty creates
A forcefield

Arms are open
No roit

In the night
We fight

In the day
We plant

In the end we stand firm
All the while we should learn

That one day it may be our turn
My two cents used

What have you learned.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Voices slowly whispering songs of today
Mixed with feelings of yesteryear

Short beats mixed with soulful melodies
Which are listened to by aliens whom are able to hear
The chorus of the indigenous and slave

Beaten faces, tethered eyes
That are transfixed on the horizon

The Son is rising from a slumber spoken of millenniums ago
Hands raised towards the heavens
Sky a glow

Voices of the angels
This the greatest show, which has ever been witnessed
By the religious who have lifted their eyes to meet God

In a fog in a haze
In this story we turn the page

To see that chains still bind us
They're here to remind us

That transfixed stares will inevitably lead to blindness
If one never truly times the coming of Lord...

(Don't lose sight of the dream)